About me

I want to run & break free, My soul yearning to go & see,
The rising & setting of sun beyond the seas, The desert sand as it blows, hot & cold,
Glory of the East & Culture of the West, To travel & unfold, the Nature’s magic untold,
Let me go, let me go, as I am a wandering Soul!

Hello Friends,

It is a pleasure to introduce myself, I am Ms Travel Bee. It is an honor to bring you an exclusive women travel portal. A travel alliance by the women, of the women & only for the women. Am delighted to inspire encourage & address you all, the most beautiful, charming, aspiring, motivated, accomplished and proficient women, who love to travel and set foot to the locales most exotic and alluring both within and out of India, to come and join me on my exciting jaunts.

Women being highly occupied, yet most energetic and enterprising command & deserve an exclusive time, space & liberty to be on their own for a breather. Be it a housewife, working woman, student, leader, head of any Organization, society or State she certainly needs to break away for a while, from the monotony, stress, pressures so as to be able to spend some qualitative and refreshing time with a few other like minded women, who are as inspired, enthused, educated, empowered, fun loving, adventurous, independent & fun to be with.

Women of all ages, backgrounds, professions, ethnicity & representations are welcome to join and buzz the world with me. I offer you adventure & shopping in Dubai/, introduce you to the rich heritage of Europe/ Corporate culture of Singapore/ crazy night clubs & beaches of Thailand/ to live the American dream of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood & Niagara Falls / Australia’s world heritage site Shark Bay or The Great Barrier Reef, or be it the Great wall of China, or the rustic & fascinating cultures, traditions & lifestyle of Gujarat, Rajasthan & Punjab or the alluring beaches of Goa. All destinations you dream & desire, you can tread, to have most enthralling holiday experience, plus share, bond, learn, enjoy with your fellow travel companions on each trip you take. Bring along your mother, aunt, sister, friends, cousins, colleagues, neighbor, pick friends in group or you can choose to be completely on your own, the choice is entirely yours.

My Travel is About

What better mission than to see & experience everything that makes the World so exciting

All women 18 & above can avail my packages. My excursions promise to put you on board alongside the most exuberant, lively & frisky co travelers, who may be like minded or otherwise, will certainly be great fun to be with, connect, learn from, discover & absorb together, the thrilling and mesmerizing locales & destinations. Yet you can choose your own peace & serenity as and when you prefer, either spend your time in company or idle it out all by yourself taking nature walks, collecting shells by the beach, bird watching or clicking the marvelous mother nature, the sunrise & sunset, hills & meadows, gardens & forests, ponds, streams & rivers, the bounty is unlimited.

My trips are all about beauty, bounty& bewitching locales, flora & fauna as well as people interactions, observation and are uniquely yet diversely characteristic or a mix and blend of various activities such as leisure, adventure, shopping, educational, cultural, freaky, boisterous, and luxurious or of historical or geographical significance. You are welcome to take your pick. Together we walk, cycle, fly, sail, ride, drive, trek, scuba dive, swim, raft, bungee jump or skydive. Whatever you have dreamt or thought of doing will be part of your chosen trip/package. Get set to transform your dreams into a real life occurrence.

My assurance is your safety and comfort while offering a fun filled, exciting & relaxed passage far removed from the monotonous routine to make you live & see the Magic.

My Offer Includes

The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page

St Augustine

Being one of the best travelers on this Earth I offer most exciting, delightful, exotic and envied locales at a click. You just need a click to book a passage and package of your choice, to simply sit back and relax, while I handle the rest.

My ideal package includes the trip fee, accommodation, local transportation(while with the group) meals ( as preferred, vegetarians or otherwise), International calling card, travel insurance, sightseeing, cultural exchange program, but excludes Air/bus fare, personal expenses incurred by you on shopping/tips or other activities. My group size 18 – 20 pax, who are provided the best local guides, verified cab drivers preferably women wherever available,you can opt for sharing a room if you prefer economy or be on your own, bring a companion or choose from the group. I offer and provide the best possible services & assistance to mark your experience.

A Feather in my Cap, My Pride & Resposibility

It seems really amazing to leave your footprints in areas of the world you never expected to stand or tread

My vision, mission and motto holds an exclusive treat on each trip you take with me. A euphoric & delightful journey with a purpose. My commitment towards Empowering the Women Travel makes my packages packed with prized surprise elements,completely unique, elating and a meaningful exercise for each travelling member. My pledge to support & propagate Women Empowerment, growth & independence as my prime, social and moral responsibility, propel smearound the country & foreign lands with a promise to deliver an exceptionally worthwhile experience & holiday to my guests.

Coupled with excitement and fun, you get to indulge in an unparalleled opportunity to participate in an engrossing cultural and social dedication.

Each trip we take presents you complete day to spend mingling and interacting with local communities as you get to learn and observe their characteristic signature lifestyles, culture traditions, food, heritage and craft. The exercise makes them feel valued and acknowledged. You get to buy merchandise, manufactured by these local craftsmen/women.

This gesture is meant to glorify, enhance & promote their regional heritage, art and craft; also it is a substantial step towards encouraging, supporting & celebrating Women Empowerment & growth. It not only adds immense value to your travel but also embeds this memory in your life events. By default you contribute,promote & support sustainable tourism.

You discover cultures, communities far and wide; this will undoubtedly enrich& revise your perspective of a holiday, enabling you to play a crucial role in growth and development of these rural women who are constantly struggling to emerge out of those shackling shadows of ignorance, stagnation and obscurity. Let us together facilitate these communities to earn a livelihood and life loaded with dignity, confidence and respect.

This activity is completely overwhelming & will pep up your whole being, making you feel good and on top of the world for taking my trip, making you yearn and return for many such more.

My Precious Suggestion

Travel & change of place impart new vigor to the mind


Come join me, most charming and commendable ladies to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize your mind, body & souls. Discover a new you, while meandering and spending your most prized time to visit galleries, churches, temples, museums, forts, havelis & castles all the while fanning your choicest passions & fantasies for art, music, theater, folk art, folk dances, adventure, heritage, food and much more . All this while you will cherishingly capture each and every moment of fun, learning, exploring and discovering not only the captivating& exotic locales, but also yourself and your fellow companions with absolute ease, comfort and security. So Bag pack to pamper yourself with an amazingly stimulating experience. Contact me from any part of the world to join my journeys.

Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step