International Holiday for Our Gang of Girls

An all-girls gang means loads of fun, adventure and shopping! Also, safety is one of the most important criteria for girls to consider before they plan a trip. There are a lot of safe destinations around the world that are women friendly. Here is a list of some of the hottest destinations for your girl gang to conquer. They offer relaxation and fun, along with some great memories.

 Las Vegas: Nevada

Las Vegas is famous for giant casino hotels, gambling and entertainment. Most people think that Vegas is a destination for boys, but it is a wonderland for women too. Girls can take private poker lessons and get crazy at a casino. Mouth-watering dishes and some great cocktails are on offer at most casinos in the city. Nightlife is ever so happening there and is safe too.

Hong Kong

An ultimate shopping destination, nothing can beat Hong Kong if all that you are looking for is some great shopping and distressing. From electronics, jewellery, high-end fashion and antiques to branded clothes, Hong Kong is a shopper's paradise. Interestingly, it has no sales tax or value added tax (VAT) and so the shopping opportunities for women become endless. A blend of tradition and modernity, Hong Kong has major attractions like The Peak, Giant Buddha, Outlying Islands, Disneyland, Ocean Park and Victoria Peak, among others. Go girls!