Roshni Sharma - First Solo Indian Lady Biker Who Traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Ladies Get Your Backpacks Ready! As The First Solo Indian Lady Biker Who Traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is here to inspire you.

While we are busy jotting down the names of exotic places in our Travel Bucket-List, there are do-ers like Roshini Sharma who are busy living their Travel Bucket List. Roshni Sharma, everyone, is that one lady that stirred the concept of Solo Woman Travel in India, and the world. She travelled right from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering a distance of 5453 km solo on her bike.

During the span of fourteen days, she passed through glinting cities, hamlets and wilderness. She travelled through it all with just a pepper spray, which she never had to use owing to her wits and guts of steel. It was not her first time kicking the stereotypes on its face, Roshni has measured the routes like Bangalore-Chennai-Bangalore, Bangalore- Pune- Bangalore biking solo. Let's get to know how it was from her:

As you've always been fond of traveling and you've always thought of taking this journey since ever, what was that one catalyst that pushed you to do it without further ado? 

I won't say that I was inspired by anyone. It's just that I have always been fond of adventure, thrill and since childhood I was this way and wanted to roam around the country and someday around the world probably. Always have been fond of hiking cycling and so on. My parents have been very supportive for that.

There have been jungles and other such inhospitable routes you passed through. How did you feel about that?

There were moments when I felt, I had a good job, I had a decent place to live in, I have loving parents & friends and I have everything in life what a person needs to live. What I am looking for, by this ride and what I am doing in this jungle, alone in the midnight. I was terribly frightened but some part of me was saying, you will do it and this experience will make you even stronger it’s just matter of few hours and everything will be fine.

For your safety you carried just a pepper spray, and you never got to use it. Really?

Yeah, I carried only pepper spray and one safety knife. I never really needed it because people were so supportive, humble they were there to help me anytime. When they got to know about my journey, they had lot of respect and they had no words to express how are they feeling seeing an Indian girl alone mapping the length of the country on motorcycle.

There are a lot of women who hesitate to solo traveling owing to the tremendous rate of crimes against taking place everyday. What do you think it takes to fight the fear? 

We should not fear. Confidence on oneself is the key thing here. How strong your ambition is? How much focused and dedicated you are to achieve your goal or dream. You need to push your limits and keep trying again and again without giving up. We have one life and the regret not living up to your dreams is just unbearable, I at least can't imagine that. And safety as woman, I would say, women are not safe even in their house in between their father, brother or relatives. If you see the statistics, it shows there are case where girls are raped by their father or brother. If situation is that worst and we know we are not safe anywhere, then why to sit ideal thinking it's not safe to go out and chase your dreams. Its matter of luck and chance however one should be prepared in advance, ready for the worst and hope for the best. Presence of mind really helps, many things depend upon that and how do you react to the situation.

Ok, we don't want to sound partial. But name three places you thought were the safest of all, and maybe a few you'd want to avoid visiting due to safety/other issues as a woman.

Everywhere it was good and safe except Punjab. People's reaction and the way, they were looking was little weird and I would say they were not that supportive as well. And yeah not to mention, Srinagar, it was curfew when I reached, I didn't feel unsafe as a girl but in general situation was hostile there. Based on this experience, I won't say that one should not visit these places, its matter of luck and how do you react to the situation. 

But yeah, in Kerala, especially a girl and that too be a solo girl needs to be really careful and more alert. People are not that friendly and very conservative too in spite of having 92% literacy.

We're already thrilled by this journey of yours, which other such adventures are you planning for?

I want to do solo euro trip one day let's see how it goes.

One sentence for the incredible ladies who want to take the leap and travel solo. 

Be bold, strong and confident, be what you are and chase your dreams.

Author: Bhavna Burathoki

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