Why should you travel in women groups

Let's face the fact; women have taken over the world, every fold and facet of it. Any given day in a woman`s life is for the major part divided between taking care of her home and/or toiling in her office. She handles everything single handedly, cranky babies, callous shopkeepers, garrulous relatives, complaining husband to the over-bearing boss. Don't you think after all this she should sucker-punch all the stress and fatigue and let her hair down? Take a break? See the world? Set her “Self” free? Because if there ever was a Hercules, I'm more than sure it was a woman. And even if she is not married, all the more reason to travel alone. She is very likely to be absorbed into the 'sindoor'-'mangalsutra' masochistic system very soon where she will be rigorously taught to put her interests behind in favour of every other person in life, remotely near or far distant.

Better cardiac health, lower diabetic levels, gastritis cure, shinier hair, whiter teeth: you think these are the only reasons why women should travel alone? How does “living for yourself once in a while” sound? How does filling your trip with a little scuba diving, sky diving, ecstatic shopping, dancing in the local bars, encounter with dolphins, ambling along a gravel path under the brilliant egg-yolk of a sun, trekking through tricky terrains or hollering as you bungee jump off a bridge sound? Or simply take the day to yourself, dream, reverie, sink into a trance while the most beautiful arms of Mother Nature hugs you and tells you that you are beautiful and free. Make new friends all over the world, learn about new and exciting cultures and languages, discard that diet of yours and stuff your face with the most amazing local gastronomical offerings and then pamper yourself with a special mix of herbs and oils in the local spa. In short, FEEL ALIVE.

Life is too short to be full of regrets, to wait for your benevolent husband to really squeeze some time out of his busy schedule for a family trip that will inevitably be accompanied by few wanted or unwanted companions. Life is too short for you to wait for your over economical father to carefully jot down the most economical trip or your mother who constantly harps on visiting a holy city to redeem her from the karma of past life. Therefore, come along with me and let's explore.

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