Who can Travel with me?

All women travellers who are 18 +. Ms Travel Bee trips are open to women over the age of 18 who are in good health and love travelling with no serious issues. Women from all walks of life are welcome to join my trips. Irrespective of status, background, ethnicity, profession, age.

Nationality : Women travelling with MTB come from all parts of India & world. Education and Profession: Women who travel with MTB have wide & varied educational backgrounds and professions, and are employed or were employed, in almost every field imaginable. They are highly proficient, accomplished and experts in whatever they handle or are assigned with.

Interests and Hobbies : First & major interest shared between all these women is their love for travel. Beyond that, the interests range in diversity. Most of the groups consist of women sharing many common hobbies and interests. Oftentimes you get to meet companions who may be having varied tastes and lifestyle but sharing and hearing about it seems no less captivating and absorbing. Whatever the field or interest it is amazing to watch women bind and connect with such ease and comfort. Make new friends and try new tastes and trends. All the while enjoying and having unlimited fun.

Health and Fitness : Women who travel with MBT must be in sound and good health and be fit to travel. Walking is required on all MBT tours, therefore ,women who face difficulty in walking are not advised to join.. MTB travellers are required to handle their own luggage, climb stairs, enter and exit transportation without assistance, and keep the momentum with the group movement & activity. Fitness thus is my priority.

Tolerance : All women are invited to travel with me irrespective of religion, culture, ethnicity as I encourage and propagate universal acceptance and acknowledgment of being human above all, plus learning and sharing all that I and others have. Acceptance and respect not only for each other but cultures, traditions and nationalities too. It brings joy and contentment unlimited as one grows in enlightenment and acceptance.

Do women travel alone or in company of known people?

I get a mix of both. Many women who travel with MTB come by themselves while others bring along friends, cousins & colleagues. This is true whether it is their 1st trip or they have taken more trips. MTB honours your decision of wanting to share a room with another woman traveling by herself, or to opt for a single room all to yourself. You are welcome to bring in your group too. My assurance, you always feel safe, cared for, and everyone can connect and be together during free time unless you choose to be alone. To ensure complete ease I provide women guides too wherever possible. Such grows the bond and connection that many women decide to travel together yet again with MTB on forthcoming tours. Often times I come across women who accompanied me on previous trips, this pairing and travelling together nourishes a strong and long standing friendship between women from all parts of the world. I feel proud to be instrumental for the same.

What are the criteria for sharing Room?

In case you want to share a room then tour prices will be changed to twin sharing. Since many women who travel with MTB travel alone, prefer single rooms but are open tomake a choice. This is a personal decision, but I have observed that most women choose to share a room due to economy. MTB lets you decide to share with a desirable companion or otherwise. Generally roommates are paired looking at their interests, age groups or personal choice. They get to share, bond and divulge their secrets without any inhibitions or hesitation.

Can one travel with children?

Women who want to travel with their children are allowed to take along child below 12 years on additional payment and prior information. However the group activities cannot be modified on that account.

What is the Role of the MTB Manager?

My tour managers are absolutely accomplished, polite and extremely helpful to ensure comfort, safety and ease for one and all travelling members. She will resolve any issues related to travel arrangements and to ensure optimum and desired satisfaction from your vacation. She simply acts as Ms handle all. She is a coordinator too.

Then what are Guides for?

In addition to the MTB tour Manager, local guides are assigned the group for guidance on walking tours, information, guide you about location & related topics. MTB tour Manager works closely with the local guides to insure the right combination of pace, information, and duration specific to the women in that group is provided. They act as your information and activity generating resources.

Who arranges Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an important service offered by Ms Travel Bee. Travel insurance is mandatory & included in all MTB packages.

Why MTB is the perfect choice for you?

My tours are all about experiences gained and friendships earned during your journeys with MTB unforgettable moments captured in your cameras, cultural exchange, every jaunt adding a completely new perspective to destinations, locales & people you come across.You simply stand to gain warm & lifetime friendships, learn to bond with &enjoy the company of women who may be completely unknown to you but are equally accomplished, intelligent, jovial, supportive, inspiring, mature, charming and absolute fun to be with. Will win and discover who may not be part of your life earlier but now on you will look forward to travelling with together on most of MTB jaunts so as to steal and relive those magical and nostalgic moments you spent together on earlier trips.

What are group sizes, accommodations, etc. like on MTB tour?

MTB ideally takes 18-20 travellers. I take this to be the ideal group size where it is easy to get along, exchange greetings and ideas, and remember names, interact. This travel experience will make you feel as if you are travelling with your own friends or close ones.

Accommodations& Hotels provided by MTB are all 4 star hotels centrally located keeping in mind the connectivity, convenience and comfort of group members, with all amenities required. Thus I arrange luxury & comfort that is inviting, warm so that after spending an action packed day you can come back, relax and dream peacefully about the delightful holiday you are enjoying. All rooms have attached bathroom. Room is available on single/twin sharing.

Will I be provided transportation throughout the Tour?

Ms Travel Bee provides neat and clean, air conditioned private vehicles wherever the group travels as mentioned in the itineraries. However for personal use, one needs to hire public transport or the cab services available bearing their own cost.

Do I pay for my meals?

Mostly all three meals are inclusive. In case the members want to order out of the menu being served or wish to dine at a location different from specified they will be required to buy meals on their own. Details can be checked in itinerary.

What if someone wants to smoke?

MTB strictly reserves non-smoking hotel rooms. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the group. All group meals and transportation are non-smoking. Majority of women who travel with MTB do not smoke. When I do get an occasional traveller who smokes, no special arrangements will be made to accommodate her smoking. She is welcome to use smoking zones if wherever provided.

What else do I get? Anything special?

MTB values & realizes the concern of near and dear ones for the ones travelling abroad, especially women. I therefore provide every traveller on International trip with a calling card so that they stay connected. The incoming will be free, outgoing is chargeable. In certain places group calling will be absolutely free.

How do I proceed to pay?

Once you have found a trip you’re interested in call Me, email Me. That of course, is the first step. MTB will not hold a space for you without initial payment. The itinerary will state how much money is due at this time. After MTBreceives your reservation amount, I will email you the official confirmation on your booking.

When do I make final payment?

You need to make final payment at least 25 days in advance of tour booking closure date.Payment schedule information is available in tour detail on the( MTB) website.

What about Travel Checklist & instructions?

About 2 weeks before travel all instructions will be mailed to your registered email address. These instructions will provide you detailed list on the room sharing assignments, introduction to your Tour Manager and when and where the group will board flight. The mobile number of the tour Manager will be listed should you need to reach her. In case of further queries, kindly call, email or WhatsApp.