Honey Bank

Honey bank is the wallet provided to every registered user on our website. In case traveller needs to cancel their travel bookings, instead of losing out the money as cancellation charges, traveller has an option to deposit the complete amount paid in their own Honey Bank and cancel/postpone the tour. Money deposited in Honey Bank can be utilised to make payments for further tours.


We are constantly working towards making the hassles of travel planning a manageable experience. Therefore, we bring you the Honey Bank to ease your worries about saving money again after having to cancel a trip.

If you happen to cancel a trip with us 45 days in advance, thereon you can park the money on your Honey Bank account free of cost.

The Honey Bank works as your ‘e-Wallet’. Your money stays in the secure setup of the Honey Bank until you are ready for your next trip.

While planning your next trip with us you simply access the money parked in your Honey Bank account. However, you have to use your Honey Bank money in the next five years since parking it.

To have a Honey Bank account you must be a registered member of our community.

While booking holiday packages with money from your Honey Bank you will have to keep in mind that the bookings will be non-cancellable. So, please be certain of your package before booking it with Honey Bank money.


So, you have got queries regarding Honey Bank? Don’t you worry as we have our experts ready to
solve them just for you all! Read on!

Who can deposit the money?

Only registered users will have access to theHoney Bank, to deposit the money.

How to deposit money in the Honey Bank?

In case one cancels the booked tour within the time frame allotted for depositing money and it is, while cancellation you will be given the option to deposit your money inHoney Bank avoiding cancellation charges. In case of offline cancellation request, money can be deposited in Honey Bank provided by sending email request.

Can I cancel any tour and deposit the money whenever I wish to?

Any booked tour can be cancelled and money can be deposited provided tour package cancellation time limit is not crossed. Money can be deposited before 35 days of booking closure date.

Which services are entitled for money to be deposited?

Complete tour packages, either listed on our website or custom tour packages are eligible for Honey Bank money deposit facility.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount which can be deposited?

There is no minimum or maximum limit. While depositing, only total amount can be deposited, partial deposit is not allowed.

For how long can money lie deposited in Honey Bank?

Money can belie deposited for as long as 5 years.

How many times money can be deposited?

Money can be re deposited any number of times, but partial deposit is not permissible. Complete amount paid will be deposited.

How to use the money deposited in Honey Bank?

While making the payment for any new tour, deposited money can be used.Both online & offline options available. Written request from registered email address is required in case of offline requests.

How many times and how much amount of this money can be used?

Money can be used any number of times and any amount from deposited money to make payment.

What are the service for which Honey Bank facility can be used?

Money deposit is applicable for complete tour packages only, either listed on our website or customized tours.

Can I cancel the tour booked using Honey Bank money to get the refund?

Any booked tour with Honey bank money falls under 100% cancellation. Though tour can be cancelled and money re deposited provided deposit is within indicated time limit.

Can I en-cash the money deposited in Honey Bank?

Under any circumstances cash refund is not allowed, deposited money can be used against booking of tour packages only.

Can I transfer the deposited money to another user’s account?

Money transfer is absolutely not permissible.

Do I get any interest on my money like from other banks?

Honey Bank is not a bank, it is just a term given to facility provided to the user to save on cancellation charges and to avail 0% cancellation.