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Honey Points are a gesture for acknowledging your association with us. Earn Honey Points on every step taken in our company and redeem those to avail exciting offers.

Tips to Earn Honey Points

Get registered to earn points

Rejoice as you receive a lifetime offer from me! Register as MTB member and earn 2000 Honey points in one go.

Referral honey points

Ask your family & friends to join us as members, to have as much fun & frolic as you do. On your referral’s joining you stand to gain 100 referral Honey points.

Book & Travel to earn points

Are you fascinated by our incredible journeys? On every Rs100 you invest in holidaying with us you are rewarded with 4 Honey Points.

Birthday blast for you

We are glad you were born! To celebrate your special days & moments and to honor you as our privileged member we gift you 1000 Honey points on your Birthday, with Love.

Tips to Redeem Honey Points

Redeem Honey Points

Every honey point you collect on your journey with us will be worth 0.25 rupees. You can pay up to 10% of your holiday package cost using your honey points.

It's high time

start referring friends & family


Ms Bee Treat Program (MBTP) is a unique way to recognize and reward our new and existing customers. Making a confirmed booking at MTB website, it will entitle one to receive Honey Points that can be used to earn discounts on future transactions on MTB website.

Earn Honey Points

How can I earn Honey Points under MBTP?

Honey points are rewarded at every step you take with us. You earn honey points when you register on our website and when any of your friends or family register with us whom you referred. Your birthdays are special and we celebrate it by adding honey points in your account. And finally, on every tour booking you make with Ms Travel Bee rewarded with honey points.
Booking offline, one needs to provide valid/registered email address to the customer care representative; this will automatically credit Honey Points to one’s registered account.

How many Honey Points will I earn on each booking under MBTP?

The reward point earning varies across bookings:

  • 2000 Honey Points on successful registration.
  • 100 Honey points for each referral registration.
  • 4 Honey Points for every Rs. 100 spent on tour packages as per final invoice.
  • 1000 honey points on every birthday of the registered member.

Do my Honey Points earned through MBTP expire?

Honey Points unlike any other loyalty program points have an unlimited validity as long as user is registered with us.

. When can I see the new Honey Points that I just earned under MBTP?

  • Immediately after registration
  • On your birthday
  • Immediately after successful registration of your referral.
  • Day after commencement of tour

What happens to my Honey Points if I cancel a booking done under MBTP?

Your Honey Points will be credited only for a booked tour after the commencement of tour. If you cancel your booking you will not earn any Honey Points.

Where can I see Honey Points Program balance?

To view your Reward Points balance:
Sign in and click the Ms Bee Treat Program tab in your account, your available Honey Points will display there.

Is there a limit to the number of Honey Points I can earn under MBTP?

There is no limit to the number of Honey Points that you can earn. The more you refer or book with us, the higher your Honey Points balance grows.

. What is the value of Honey Points earned under MBTP?

1 honey point = 25 paise

Is there a cost to become a member of MBTP?

Membership to Ms Bee Treat Program is absolutely free. To start with, just make a booking on our website and you are instantly registered as Ms Travel Bee user. You can now login to My Bookings section to check your Heaps balance. As you book with MTB website and earn more Heaps, you will have the choice to redeem these in lieu of discount on any future bookings that you make.

Redeem Honey Points

How do I redeem my Honey Points earned under MBTP?

You can redeem your Honey Points against any booking made for complete tour packages listed on our website or personalized tour packages.

What happens to my Honey Points if I cancel a booking made using Honey Points under MBTP?

If you cancel your booking made using your Honey Points, the same will be credited back into your account.

Are my Honey Points earned under Ms Bee Treat Program transferable?

Honey Points are non transferable.

Is there any criteria to become eligible for redemption under Ms Bee Treat Program?

Every member should be above 18 years of age and eligible as per the rules applicable. These rules are subject to change.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of Honey Points that can be redeemed?

There is no minimum limit. However maximum of 10% of tour cost can be paid using Honey Points.