why me

I am the best traveller & flyer around the world, my first & only love being Travel. My tours are all about experiences gained and friendships earned during your journeys with me. My offers as in cancellations, Honey Bank, bringing cultures together, making all arrangements from Start to finish plus much more are almost unique and out of the box.. To know details on my features & offers to help you decide why you should choose me as your travel partner, kindly read the heads and their contents below.

1. Be relieved of cancellation charges with my Zero % Cancellation policy

To ease your pressure &uncomplicate your travel blues, I have introduced 0% cancellation policy. Just in case you need to cancel/postpone your trip with MTB 35 days prior to the departure date, we offer you cancellation @0%.

2.Be free of budget worries with my Honey Bank

Moreover, if you plan to save the money from the cancelled trip until the next time you can easily do that with our Honey bank. You can park the money from the cancelled trip in your Honey bank account with us. There in the e-Wallet your money stays safe and allows you to plan your next trip, within the next five years since parking the money, without having budget issues.

3. A cultural and social exchange program

I fully realize that the socially aware and active woman of today wants more out of the journeys she undertakes. We therefore introduce you to the cultures & lifestyles of the places you travel. We provide a complete day socializing n mingling with local communities, NGOs dedicated to women empowerment & growth. A day spent to learn, share &care. You also get to buy stuff manufactured by local artisans & guilds. This adds to your contribution towards sustainable tourism thereby making your travel socially relevant.

4. Encouraging Women’s empowerment through job creation

Our dedication does not end with catering to the women who are bitten by wander-lust, we also strive to create jobs for more women in the tourism industry. Taking a step towards women’s empowerment we stress on involving as many women as possible in our tourism-related services. Hence, you can be pleasantly surprised to find a female tour manager, female tour guide, even a female driver accompanying you on your journey.

5. Well-organized Safety Measures

We are fully aware of the issues a woman might face when travelling to new places, so in all our arrangements and itineraries safety is of the utmost priority. To this effect all our drivers are screened through police verification and all our vehicles are monitored closely as they are GPS enabled. Furthermore, we take care to provide vehicles in the best condition so that your trip is glitch-free. Lastly, we provide our travellers with emergency contacts for all domestic and international locations. We see to it that your journey of rediscovering yourself is free of any petty world troubles.

6. Insightful and entertaining women oriented activities

My tours are crafted as activity specific, though providing wide and varied activities, a free spirited woman will enjoy & cherish. Each trip undertaken /includes sightseeing, activities and elements to enrich today’s woman’s worldview.

7. Well-planned and enjoyable itinerary

Carefully examining the popularity of destinations we pick the most scenic or culturally and historically stimulating places on our route to lead our travellers on an unforgettable experience. To that effect, our travel itineraries are planned with foresight and experience, choosing all our destinations and activities with meticulous consideration. While travelling with us you will notice the fine quality of our hotels and the good condition of our vehicles. Moreover, we keep introducing new places and activities to our list while ascertaining that all of them are entertaining as well as safe.

8. Affordable rates and competent services

We feel the pulls that the grounded women of the world overcome to balance family and work. Hence, we ensure that the memorable travel experience we offer you comes at a viable price. We research and come up with the best market rates available, meaning the prices we offer are unbeatable in the tourism market. In addition to that, all our services are of but the best class, and all the activities we mention in the itinerary are assuredly available for the tourists. We do not make false claims and any activity that cannot be safely arranged or is not otherwise viable will be clearly mentioned in the packages we offer.