0% Cancellation

Book your trip in advance and enjoy your travel care free as I introduce Zero % cancellation offer. Inform me 45 days prior to departure to avail this facility.

0% cancellation policy

We understand the needs of hectic schedules and last-minute cancellations. So to cheer the free-spirited traveller in you we have the provision of Zero % cancellation.

If you cancel / postpone your trip 45 days prior to tour booking closure date you can avail zero% cancellation. In short, we do not charge you an extra cancellation fee.

Moreover, if you plan ahead for your future trips with me, you will be given an option to deposit the money from cancelled trip to my Honey Bank safely & cancel the current tour without deduction. When you cancel your trip 35 days in advance of tour booking closure date, you have an option to deposit the paid money safely in the Honey Bank. Our Honey Bank functions as an 'e-Wallet' and the money you deposit here can be used within 5 years to avail other holiday packages with us.